Mashhad (IP) - A professor of Persian literature at Ferdowsi University has said the Shahnameh represents the Iranian nation, country's culture and also the Persian language.

Iran Press/Iran news: Professor of literature at Ferdowsi University, Mohammad Jafar Yahaghi said that although the Shahnameh is the narrator of the past kings, but it represents the values of different levels in Iranian life in the past.

In an interview with Iran Press news agency, Yahaghi said: "Shahnameh is in Persian language and it plays a supportive role for the Persian language as the national language of Iran."

"At the time when Arabic language was dominant in Iran, Shahnameh was written in Persian language, which is the national language of Iranians," he added.

He continued: "More than three centuries ago, Shahnameh was being considered by foreign scientists especially French researchers and important researches was done on this book in countries like Russia, Germany and France."

"Moreover, Shahnameh as the Iranian national book was considered by European poets and writers, and there are many stories that are written based on Shahnameh, so Ferdowsi's work is not only familiar to Iranians, but also it is familiar to writers and experts in art and literary creativity, so Shahnameh has a global dimension and can represent Iran to the world as well and it could act as an inspiration for writers throughout the world " Yahaghi added.

Shahnameh is a long epic poem written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi between c. 977 and 1010 CE 

Professor of literature at Ferdowsi University reiterated: "By changing the living conditions in Iran and in the world, Shahnameh has been removed from the center of attention, so our scholars should prepare the ground for new usage of the book in visual arts, theatre, films, caricatures and especially in animation, because the heroes in Shahnameh are the best models in today's animations."

"Many characters of the Shahnameh like Rostam, Sohrab, Siavash and Keikhosrow, have the capacity to be used as models to be matches with the current situation and Iranian and foreign writers can use them as models to create their characters," Yahaghi said.

"This valuable work is the identity document of the Iranian people and it contains the cultural values of Iranian life," he reiterated. 101/211/207

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Shahnameh is a long epic poem written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi between c. 977 and 1010 CE