UN Special Rapporteur has said America's unilateral sanctions against Iran, Cuba and Venezuela violate human rights and the norms of international behaviour.

Iran Press/AmericaUN Special Rapporteur Idriss Jazairy, called the US economic sanctions which is imposed out of the political intentions as a violation of human rights as well as the international standards.

According to Iran Press citing the UN official website, Jazairy added that ending waivers for the countries importing Iranian oil in spite of their objection, such as Turkey is the matter of concern.

The UN Special Rapporteur stressed the fact that the political disagreements among the governments should not be solved through economic pressure and sanctions.

While referring to the US unilateral sanctions against Iran, Cuba and Venezuela, the Special Rapporteur on Unilateral Coercive Measures, stressed that trying to solve political disputes through economic sanctions inevitably leads to the violation of the basic human rights of the citizens of the country that is being sanctioned. Thus, he said, this is never an acceptable method in international relations.

In an effort to increase economic pressure on Iran, the US announced On Monday April 22 that it's ending waivers for countries importing Iranian oil.

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"US President Donald Trump has decided not to reissue Significant Reduction Exceptions (SREs) when they expire in early May," the White House said in a statement ahead of a press conference by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Reuters reported.

"This decision is intended to bring Iran's oil exports to zero, denying Iran its principal source of revenues," it added. 

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Pompeo also told five countries, including US allies Japan, South Korea, and Turkey, that they will no longer be exempt from US sanctions if they continue importing oil from Iran after May 2 when their waivers are set to expire. The other countries include China and India. However, Turkey and China are two countries so far to have expressed their desire to continue large purchases of Iranian crude.  103/211/203


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