(IP)- Hadi Tahan Nazif, spokesperson for the Constitutional Council, reveals that approximately 230,000 public observers will actively participate in overseeing the elections slated for Friday.

Iran PressIran news:  Addressing attendees at the inauguration ceremony of the parliamentary and Assembly of Experts election monitoring headquarters on Thursday, Tahan Nazif highlighted the Constitutional Council's commitment to streamlining the electoral process through the implementation of diverse systems.

Tahan Nazif specifically praised the inaugural use of the "Volunteer system" during this election cycle, labeling it a commendable and valuable experience.

This system facilitated direct connections between election candidates and relevant authorities, streamlining candidate affairs efficiently.

Moreover, Tahan Nazif noted the utilization of several other online systems designed to evaluate candidate files.Iran is scheduled to hold the sixth term of elections for the Assembly of Experts and the 12th term of elections for the parliament on March 1.

Notably, there are two distinct elections on the horizon: the Assembly of Experts election, which aims to elect 88 members for an extended eight-year term, and the parliamentary election, which will determine representatives for a standard four-year term.


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