The International Congress of "Economic, Employment and Production in the Mirror of Quran and Itrat" has appreciated top participants.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking in the closing ceremony, Adel Peyghami, secretary of the congress, said: “Participants of this scientific event consisted of university and seminary elites, economic activists, and also officials of the country who had come together to know about Islam’s teachings over important issue of the economy.” 

He added: “This congress was unique in terms of the level of discussions and also Islam and Ahl al-Bayt's views in economic and social domains.”  

Peyghami pointed to the receipt of 250 works from 10 countries as one of the achievements of this round of congress, adding, “Some free-thinking courses were held among students on the sideline of the event.”

As one of the keynote speakers of the congress, Abdolhamid Talebi, head of Scientific and Cultural Foundation of Imam Reza holy shrine, stated: “Enjoying teachings of Quran and infallible Imams (AS), this congress strives to solve country’s problems in areas of economy, employment and production.”

Talebi added: “Imam Reza holy shrine does its best to realize Ayatollah Khamenei’s New Year’s motto of Production: knowledge-based and job-creating.”

The closing ceremony of the congress, which had the deputy custodian of Imam Reza's holy shrine and a number of national officials in attendance, came to an end by appreciating authors of top articles from Iran, Tanzania, and Afghanistan.  


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