Tehran (IP) - At the same time as Holy Defense Week, on Tuesday night in Tehran, the memorial of the Army Ground Forces martyrs was held focusing on “Martyr Abshenasan".

Iran PressIran news: In the ceremony, which was held with the presence of the families of the martyrs and artists.

Several books about sacred defense were unveiled as well.

Kioumars Heydari, the Commander of the Ground Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, while referring to the Holy Defense Week, said: The week is an opportunity to remember the martyrs and honor their families.

He added: The week was created by the unique martyrs and we also remind them of their generosity.

Heydari emphasized: If we want not to be ashamed of the martyrs, we should not be ashamed of their families too.

He emphasized that martyrs fought and did not lose even one part of the country's soil.

Referring to the activities of the resistance axis, he said: The front is becoming stronger day by day and the countries of Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine are on this right path.

Following the ceremony, some of the comrades of the martyrs expressed their memories, and at the end, the families of the martyrs were honored.


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