Zahedan (IP)- Chabahar, Oman passenger shipping line resumes its operation, and the direct Chabahar, China container shipping line is launched for the first time, following the development of transport and transit ties of Iran with its neighboring countries.

Iran PressIran news: Through inter-organizational coordination between Sistan and Baluchistan Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) and Chabahar Free Trade–Industrial Zone (CFZ), the passenger shipping line between Chabahar and Oman resumes its operation after its first launch in 2016.

Ghasem Askari Nasab, the general director of Sistan and Baluchistan Ports and Maritime Organization, said that the development of tourism is one of the concerns of PMO. Thus, the resumption of the Chabahar-Oman passenger shipping line is very important in boosting tourism and promoting bilateral ties. He also informed of upcoming investment plans in Makran coasts which lead to the development of the region and sustainable employment.

China-Chabahar shipping line opened

Additionally, the CEO of Chabahar Free Trade–Industrial Zone (CFZ), Amir Moghaddam, informed of the launching of the first direct container shipping line between China and Chabahar just after a 6500-container ocean liner from China docked at Chabahar Port on January 1. Previously the freights were unloaded at the Bandar Abbas Port, the capital city of the southern province of Hormozgan, and then transshipped to the Chabahar Port. The new direct shipping line reduces the cost by $ 400 per container and the time by ten days in freight transit. This would develop transit in Chabahar as part of its main advantages.

Amir Moghadam further stated that the railway and airport are requirements for the development of free zones and ports, and added: The free zone has large projects on its agenda, and in terms of logistics in the south and north, useful measures are being taken, which depends on effective teamwork with other organizations. Chabahar Port has geopolitical importance for Iran because it is the only oceanic port in southeast Iran with access to the high seas. Currently, the Port has different development plans including a rail connection from Chabahar to Zahedan. The 630-km railroad project is very strategic along the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) as it provides rail connectivity to the ocean port of Chabahar. Previously on November 11, 2022, the Zahedan-Khash Railway as a part of this large project in the east of Iran was inaugurated.


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