Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant halts activities temporarily

Tehran (IP) - Deputy Head of AEOI (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran) Mahmoud Jafari said on Sunday that Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant will temporarily stop its activities based on annual plans for refueling, inspections, and periodical repairs.

Iran PressIran News: Deputy Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Mahmoud Jafari said, “According to the plan and coordination with the national electricity grid, the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant's electricity production activities will be suspended from Sunday, April 15, in order to carry out annual refueling operations, inspections and periodic repairs.”

"One of the goals of the current refueling program is that the plant would hopefully produce the required energy during the country's peak electricity consumption in the summer,” Jafari noted.

The deputy head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran expressed hope that after the refueling operation is done, electricity production in the first unit of Bushehr nuclear power plant will be resumed on time and the power plant will be reconnected to the national electricity grid.

Jafari said that since the beginning of operation in the first unit of Bushehr nuclear power plant, about 43 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity have been produced and delivered to the national electricity grid and since the last refueling in May 2019 till now, the plant has produced 7.2 billion kilowatt-hours of energy.

The activity of the nuclear power plant is halted annually in order to replace one-third of the fuel packages based on specific plans, and the fuel packages will be replaced and partial repairs will be carried out.

Last time, Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant was temporarily shut down on February 26, 2019, for a partial overhaul.


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