UK (IP) - The UK Maritime Operations (UKMTO) reported an accident in 95 miles from Aden Gulf, south of Yemen.

As some media reported on Monday evening that an explosion was heard in al-Hodeida in the west of Yemen, the UKMTO announced that it received a report of a marine accident near the coast of the city of Aden in the south of Yemen.

No further information has been released yet about the accident on the coast of the Red Sea. 

The Yemeni Army in recent weeks has stopped any Israeli vessel or any vessel in the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, and Bab ul-Mandab Strait, whose destination is the Israeli regime's ports, announcing that as long as the Israeli regime's war on the Gaza Strip is not stopped, the job will continue. 

The US and the UK, along with eight other countries, attacked Yemen on Thursday night local time of USA on January 11, 2024, following the resolution of the United Nations Security Council against Yemen. 204

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