The US President issued a grim warning to North Korea Wednesday, saying any nuclear attack from Pyongyang against the US or its partners would lead to its "end."

Iran PressAmerica: US President Joe Biden and South Korea's Yoon Suk Yeol unveiled a new plan on Wednesday to counter North Korea's nuclear threat, with the US leader issuing a blunt warning that such an attack would "result in the end of whatever regime" took such action.

The new nuclear deterrence effort calls for periodically docking US nuclear-armed submarines in South Korea for the first time in decades, bolstering training between the two countries, and more. The declaration was unveiled as Biden hosted Yoon for a state visit at a moment of heightened anxiety over an increased pace of ballistic missile tests by North Korea.

Yoon said that the new commitment by the "righteous alliance" includes plans for bilateral presidential consultations in the event of a North Korean nuclear attack, the establishment of a nuclear consultative group and improved sharing of information on nuclear and strategic weapons operation plans.

Biden and Yoon aides have been working on details of the plan for months and agreed that "occasional" and "very clear demonstrations of the strength" of US extended deterrence capabilities needed to be an essential aspect of the agreement, according to three senior Biden administration officials who briefed reporters ahead of the announcement. 219