Berlin (IP) - The second-largest arms supplier to the Israeli regime, has recently warned against a full-scale attack on Rafah.

Iran PressEurope: The Russian Tass news agency said on early Sunday that Schultz issued the warning during a speech in the city of Karlsruhe in the southwest of Germany.

“We in Germany agree with Europe and the US government that thinking at this time about attacking Rafah, where millions of people are sheltered and without protection, is irresponsible. This cannot end well”, he said.

The German chancellor also called for the delivery of sufficient humanitarian aid to Gaza, a statement, that was welcomed and cheered by the opponents of the Gaza war.

“500 trucks a day is the minimum aid that enters Gaza. Anyone who starts a war is responsible for humanity and the civilian population who become victims of the war”, Schultz emphasized.

The attack on Rafah has become the most pressing issue since the Israeli regime defied calls from the international community and even its Western backers.

The German government has become increasingly isolated with its position as the people have held numerous rallies to demand an end to arms supply to the Israeli regime.

A recent lawsuit in the German domestic court asked judges to urgently direct the government to revoke all arms licenses to Israel issued since October 7.


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