Tehran (IP) - The Bahraini opposition says that talking about elections is talking about democracy and everyone knows that there is no democracy in Bahrain, and that's why people don't want to participate in the elections.

Iran PressMiddle East: The parliamentary elections of Bahrain will be held on November 12, 2022, and the Bahraini revolutionaries have been trying to boycott it for months because they believe that the election is not free and in the interest of the people.

In an interview with Iran Press in Tehran, Rashid al-Rashid said, the opposition and the people of Bahrain do not want to be a puppet in the hands of the Bahraini regime to repair its face as a dictator.

"Elections in Bahrain are formal, and people want real change, a political change that restores trust to the people," he added. 

Al-Rashid said that the government of Bahrain should have legitimacy, but now the rulers have no legitimacy, so how should the people vote for a regime that is autocratic and all the arrogant of the world support it to trample the rights of the people?

The Bahraini opposition emphasized that it is impossible to hold proper elections in Bahrain because the country was inherited by the rulers and everyone knows that the rule in Bahrain is autocratic.

Al-Rashid said: "Bahrain does not have a constitution and lacks a national agreement, and the prisons are full of opponents of the regime. Many dissidents are in exile in Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and even America and Europe to save their lives."


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