Tehran (IP) - Today (Friday), August 19, 2022 coincides with the anniversary of the American coup against the Iranian government in August 19, 1953.

Iran PressIran news: On the 19th of August 1953, a number of army forces of the tyrannical regime of the Shah, with the cooperation of the USA, and Britain, overthrew the government of "Mohammed Mossadegh" and throned "Mohammed Reza Pahlavi" once again.

The American-British coup of August 1953, which led to the downfall of Iran's legitimate government at the time (Mossadegh's government), is a reminder of a critical moment in Iran's political history before the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

The coup of August 19, which is part of the series of American and British interventions in Iran during the victory of the nationalization movement of the oil industry in Iran, took place at a time when the International Court of Justice had voted in favor of Iran in the matter of British-Iranian oil contracts.

In recent years, new documents have been published about foreign interference in the August 19 coup, and even some American officials have acknowledged this country's and Britain's direct role in this coup.


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