Mar 22, 2020 09:58 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jun 02, 2020 21:31 Asia/Tehran]
  • Russia offers medical help to Italy to contain coronavirus outbreak
    Russia offers medical help to Italy to contain coronavirus outbreak

Moscow (IP) - Moscow has expressed its readiness to send teams of doctors, plus protective gear and medical equipment, to Italy to help with the country's COVID-19 pandemic, following an appeal by Italian PM Giuseppe Conte in a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Iran PressIran News: The coronavirus is spreading like wildfire in the southern European country, where nearly 800 people succumbed to the disease on Saturday alone, the largest daily loss since the start of the pandemic.

The overall number of deaths in Italy now stands at 4,825, with 53,578 infected, having long surpassed China, where the virus originated. 

The Russian President voiced his support to the leadership in Rome and the Italian people as he spoke with Conte, according to the Kremlin. But it wasn’t just words, as he said Russia was willing to provide protective gear, mobile sanitizers, and other medical equipment to Italy. 

Eight teams of Russian military medics and virology experts are already on standby and could be deployed to Italy as early as Sunday, once Rome greenlights the move, Russia’s Defense Ministry confirmed.

“In response to a request from the Italian side, the Russian President confirmed his readiness to promptly provide the necessary assistance and outlined the specific parameters [of what Russia can offer],” the Kremlin's press service reported. It further noted that Putin initiated the phone call with Conte. 

The new respiratory virus, known officially as COVID-19, has spread to every continent except Antarctica as well as every single European country.

The number of diagnosed cases globally has surpassed 300,000 with more than 13000 deaths, according to data compiled by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. Over 95,000 people with diagnosed cases have recovered.


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