Chief commander of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran said: What is being done now is not all the capabilities of the army, and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army still has great power and capacity.

Iran PressIran news: Commemoration ceremony of the teachers and trainers of the army was held in Tehran on Saturday morning with the presence of more than 200 selected professors.Major General Abdul Rahim Mousavi, Chief Commander of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran,while commemorating the martyrdom of Morteza Motahari and Teacher's Day, said: The works of this noble martyr are still readable and valuable after more than forty years.

He added: Education is the foundation of behavior and all the honors and successes of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army are due to this education.He emphasized: To be up-to-date and ensure success, we must reach to the necessary position in the Islamic Republic of Iran Army.

The ceremony of honoring the professors and trainers of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army was being held simultaneously in 30 army bases across the country through video communication.In this ceremony, which was attended by Amir Habibullah Sayari, the deputy coordinator of the army, the selected professors and trainers were honored.


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