"The US representative in Yemen did not have a new plan to present, and his proposal is the same as Saudi Arabia's," a spokesman for Yemen's Ansarullah movement said.

Iran Press/Middle East: In an interview with Yemen's Al-Masira network, Mohammad Abdul Salam added: "What they call the US plan has nothing to do with lifting the siege and the ceasefire."

Abdul Salam stated: "There is no real change to end the war and lift the siege."

He added: "What the US envoy offered is a conspiracy to put Yemen at a more dangerous stage than the current situation, and what the aggressors could not achieve through war and destruction, they will not be able to achieve through dialogue. Everyone knows this fact. The aggression and siege has been going on for 6 years and has not stopped for a single day."

He added: "By presenting the conditions of the Saudis to stop the war, the Americans proved once again that they are openly behind the aggression and siege of Yemen."

Abdul Salam added: "We accepted all the conditions of the other parties to guarantee the delivery of humanitarian aid, and when they found no excuse to continue the siege, they claimed that this aid does not reach those who deserve it. The US envoy's statement that aid did not reach the needy was a big mistake."

"Yemeni traders buy oil ships with their own money and get international licenses, but the aggressor coalition gives itself the right to stop them by force," he said.

He continued: "We want the incomes to be integrated in Yemen and the salaries to be paid, but they oppose and want the incomes to be placed in a special account under their own management."