May 30, 2020 11:38 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 31, 2020 16:51 Asia/Tehran]

IP - The people of the United States have once again reacted to the killing of a black citizen by police.

Iran Presscommentary: Over the past four days, various cities in the United States, from Minneapolis to New York, from Atlanta to Houston, and from Milwaukee to Los Angeles, have seen widespread protests. In some cities, police clashed with protesters, injuring several people, and looting in some cities has occurred.

What is happening in the United States these days is not just the immediate anger of citizens over the suffocation of George Floyd, a black citizen under the knees of Minnesota white police officer; rather, it is an outburst of centuries-old anger at the inequality and discrimination institutionalized in the United States against people of color and minorities in that country.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says the events in Minneapolis are not just a separate event, but a chapter in the book of 'Injustice and Persistent Inequality' prevailing the United States.

The book began years before the United States was founded with the genocide of Indians and the beginning of slave trade in British colonies in the New World, and has continued for 400 years with all kinds of oppression of minorities.

Each time, in the face of public outrage, American citizens take to the streets to change the situation once and for all; however every time, following the repression of the security forces and the actions of some rioters and looters, the civil struggles of the American people do not reach the desired result.

Of course, in recent years, due to the growth of independent news networks and the activities of citizen-journalists, it has become possible to provide more information and create more solidarity among the protesters. That is why the 'Black Soul is Valuable' protest movement has become popular among a wide range of American citizens, including white citizens.

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The movement seeks to change the conditions for millions of blacks caught in poverty, inequality, and discrimination, in parallel with some political successes, including securing some important jobs in the United States like the presidency.

This goal is important because centuries of slavery and the implementation of racial segregation policies have spread racist culture in the country's lower social strata. Without changing this culture of racism among the American people, it will not be possible to prevent the killing of blacks by racist police and the acquittal of this murderous police by racist judges. 

However, as social demands to reform racist behavior increase in the United States, racist groups have become more active in protecting the country's sad heritage of racial discrimination. To achieve this goal, the group does not even hesitate to arrest anti-racist activists or shoot at protesters. 

Violent actions by extremist right-wingers and American racists have intensified in recent years due to the bilateral and biased statements of US President Donald Trump; to the extent that even the Twitter messenger considered Trump's tweet, in which he allowed shootings to protesters, as a violation of the network's rules regarding the praise of violence and made limited the possibility of retweeting and liking it.

However, the unresolved deep racial dilemma in the United States has once again led the country to political and social unrest, given the deteriorating economic situation caused by the Coronavirus epidemic, it will pose more serious risks to the country's social order and stability.

Author: Amir Ali Abolfath

Translator: Ashkan Salehian


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