Sep 19, 2019 09:23 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 30, 2020 21:41 Asia/Tehran]
  • Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof
    Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof

A former Pentagon official said the Saudis did not present anything to show where the missiles and drones used in Saturday’s attack on Saudi Arabia's oil fields and refineries may have originated.

Iran PressAmerica: That evidence is 'nothing to go to war over,' Michael Maloof told RT on Thursday, noting that the Saudis did not present anything to show where the missiles may have  originated. 

Maloof noted that Iran has clearly warned both the US and the Saudis that any military action will be met with a disproportionate response.

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Maloof brought up the Yemen war as well, arguing that the Saudi military and its allies have shown they can't work their way out of a paper bag.

Meanwhile, Professor Mohammed Marandi of the University of Tehran confirmed the warnings, saying that Iran has communicated them to the US twice already, via diplomatic channels. He also noted that Tehran has publicly promised to attack Saudi Arabia and the Emirates in retaliation for any US strike.

Marandi also pointed out that Saudi Arabia has demonstrated all its military might – or lack thereof – in Yemen, where it has been fighting since 2015 to subjugate the Houthis, without much success. 

The Houthis have recently begun to strike at targets within Saudi Arabia and have threatened to keep on doing so until foreign invaders withdraw from Yemen. They have sent a similar warning to the United Arab Emirates. 


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