IP- Iran’s ambassador to Brasilia on Monday said urea fertilizer was the main product his country exported to Brazil in the year to March 20, 2023.

Iran PressAmerica: Speaking via video link during an expert-level session titled “International Petrochemical Cooperation” of the 14th Iran Petrochemical Forum (IPF), Hossein Qaribi added the value of Iran-Brazil trade stood at $6.5 billion during the yearlong period.

Iran’s petrochemical products had the lion’s share in the country’s exports to Brazil, mentioned the ambassador, explaining that corn, soybeans, and meat were the main products Iran imported from the South American country.

Brazil imports 80 percent of chemical fertilizers, continued Qaribi, adding the country needs 8-10 million tons of urea fertilizer a year.

According to him, Iran has also supplied polymer to Brazil’s market.

The two-day 14th Iran Petrochemical Forum kicked off in Tehran on Monday.


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