Iran's Deputy Interior Min:

Tehran (IP): Iran's Deputy Minister of Interior said on Friday that almost 300,000 people are involved in protecting the security of today's elections so that desperate efforts won't achieve victory

Iran PressIran news: Iran's Deputy Minister of Interior, Majid Mirahmadi said: "Today is a memorable day which marks the creation of a great epic by the noble and visionary people of Iran. Today is the day of our victory over our enemies and demons."

"From the security point of view, we have full security with vigilance, and full control of all intelligence agencies, Basij, army, IRGC and security forces and border guards, and this election will be held with exemplary participation and security.", added Mirahmadi.

Mirahmadi further explained that  Almost 300,000 people are engaged in protecting the security of today's elections. Enemies' efforts to prevent people from coming to the polls to vote are being done in an all-round way, but these efforts are desperate and they will not achieve victory.

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