Almaty(IP)- The exhibition of Iranian handicrafts is held in Kazak capital of Almaty.

Iran PressAsia: According to Iran Press news agency, in the exhibition, four Iranian artists from Isfahan province present their works of inlay art; Chiseling and Turquoise Inlaying to be exposed to the eyes of those interested.

The opening ceremony of this exhibition at Zhurgenov Hurgenov Kazak national academy of arts in Almaty, Kazakhstan, with the presence of students; art professors; Iranologists, and officials of the Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran inaugurated by playing the national anthems of Iran and Kazakhstan

Hamid Karimi", the artist of Turquoise Inlaying works and an entrepreneur of Isfahan Province, with fifteen years of experience in this field, said in an interview with the Iran Press Agency: " Turquoise Inlaying art came from Mashhad to Isfahan Province, and Currently, he continues this art with the cooperation of seven hundred prisoners of Isfahan province.

This Isfahani Turquoise Inlaying artist further noted that, in order to produce a work, one must go through several steps, which are considered to be about 6 stages as infrastructure, and after arranging the stone, then the work is formed in the factory.

After the opening ceremony and visiting the exhibition and talking with Iranian artists, Azamat Satybaldy, the director of Zhurgenov Hurgenov Kazak national academy of arts in Almaty, Kazakhstan, said in an interview with the Iran Press Agency: " Undoubtedly, art is a universal language and despite the existence of many lands and different governments, art is the common language of all people."

Satybaldy further stated: "We are happy to host one of Iran's oldest and oldest arts. Thought and creativity play an essential role in its creation, and this exhibition is a very good platform for the people of Kazakhstan to get acquainted with this art."

Mojtabi Ayyubi, another Isfahan artist whose work is in the field of inlaying art and calligraphy, noted that the art of inlaying has been declared the end of all arts, and the ingredients of inlaying include camel or cow bones;

He went on to explain that There are different types of colored wood and brass metal, which after being shaped into triangles and rhombuses, the created shapes are called Gol Khatam.

Isfahani inlying artist further said:" After preparing the coating, it is cut by machines and then it is coated on all kinds of boxes and frames."

Ali Hazemi, the director of the exhibition of Iranian handicrafts in Kazakhstan, also said: "Considering the cultural commonality between the two countries of Iran and Kazakhstan, this year this exhibition was held during Nowruz and Iranian artists shone as always."

On the sidelines of this exhibition, the production method of calligraphy works was displayed for the audience.

The exhibition of Iranian handicrafts started on the 31st of March and is scheduled to be displayed in the universities and cultural centers of Almaty, Kazakhstan, until the 6th of April.


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