The Greco-Roman wrestling team of Iran won the championship title of the 2023 Senior Asian competitions with 5 gold medals.

Iran PressAsia: The 2023 Asian Wrestling Championships is being held from 9 to 14 April in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Achieving 4 gold and 1 silver medal in the first 5 weight categories of the 2023 Asian Championship, Iran stood 1st in the competition in Kazakhstan, earlier than what was expected. 

Iman Mohammadi in the 63 kg, Pooya Dadmarz in the 55 kg, Nasser Alizadeh in the 87 kg, and Amin Mirzazadeh in the 130 kg weight categories won the gold medals, and Amin Kavianinejad in the 77 kg weight category sufficed for the silver medal. 

In the second five weight categories toe Iranian wrestlers got their way to the finals, where Mahdi Bali succeed to defeat his rival from Kyrgyzstan and snatch a gold medal.  


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