During an appearance on "Face the Nation," the US National Security Council spokesman emphasized President Biden's dedication to not withdrawing American forces from Syria.

Iran PressAmerica: John Kirby stated that US forces are stationed in Syria to combat Daesh forces and that the mission to eradicate the remnants of the terrorist network remains unchanged.

Kirby’s comments came after a drone attack on a US military base in northeast Syria was allegedly perpetrated by an Iraqi militia group, resulting in the death of one American contractor and injuries to five US service members and another contractor. President Biden authorized precision airstrikes in response, and Kirby commended the president’s actions, calling them "swift" and "bold".

Kirby stressed that the US will continue to defend its troops and facilities in Syria and is not ruling out additional action.

He confirmed that Biden is "absolutely" committed to maintaining the presence of US troops in Syria.

He concluded by asserting that the US will always act decisively to protect its people and interests, as demonstrated by the recent events in Syria.

\Nevertheless, there is no unanimity on Capitol Hill regarding the American Middle East presence strategy. In particular, Republican anti-interventionists in Congress have called for the return of US troops and for a focus on preventing terrorists from entering US territory through the southern borders.