Ahvaz (IP) - The newly searched bodies of 111 martyrs of the 8-year sacred defense were accompanied by the people of Ahvaz, southwestern Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: The funeral ceremony began after the Friday Prayers were performed in Ahvaz; the bodies were excavated from the Iraqi soil and transferred to Iran through the Arvand River.  

Earlier, Brigadier General Baqerzadeh, the Commander of the Search and Recovery Committee of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, said: The bodies of the martyrs are related to the preliminary operations of Wal-Fajr, Wal-Fajr 1, Khyber, Badr, Karbala 5, Beit Al-Maqdis 7 which were recently discovered.

Last July, the bodies of 35 newly-discovered martyrs entered the country from the international border of Shalamcheh, southwest of Iran.



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