Tehran (IP) - The President of Iran said in a joint press conference with the Armenian Prime Minister: "We hope to take a significant step towards developing relations between the two countries with the agreements we made."

Iran PressIran news: Ebrahim Raisi said in the press conference with Nikol Pashinyan in Tehran: "We want to develop trade, economic and security relations between the two countries."

Ebrahim Raisi added: "Undoubtedly, the Armenian Prime Minister's visit to Iran will be a turning point in the ties between the two countries."

He added: "In the meetings I had with Mr. Pashinyan, especially in today's meeting, we focused on the development of economic, trade, and security relations."

The Prime Minister of Armenia arrived in Tehran on the official invitation of the President hours ago.

In the news conference, Pashinyan also appreciated Iran's approach towards the resident Armenian community and added that Iran could be a clear and transparent symbol of peaceful cooperation and coexistence between followers of two different religions.

He said: "We appreciate Iran's principled views on regional peace and security."

"I briefed Iranians about the tripartite meeting that we had in Sochi Yesterday, and I agree with Mr. president's views on the establishment of sustainable peace and security in the region," Pashinyan said, adding, "It is important for us that Iran keep posted about our talks with others about Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Karabakh."

"The major part of our negotiations was economic relations and increasing the volume of trade exchanges, and finding solutions for the development of these cooperations, Armenian PM also noted.

"There were talks about energy, agriculture, infrastructure, and water resources management. In the meeting regarding the extension of the electricity and gas barter agreement between the relevant ministers, they signed an agreement," the PM said.

He also thanked for opening the Consulate General of Iran in the Syunik province of Armenia.


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