Tehran (IP) - The ambassador of Bolivia in Iran emphasized that his country condemns the riots in Iran in which the British and American Zionists are involved.

Iran PressIran News: In some cities across Iran, there have been sporadic protests and unrest after the death of Mahsa Amini.

On Sunday, Romina Perez, the Bolivian ambassador to Iran, in a meeting with Tabriz mayor Yaghoub Hoshyar, said: "Bolivia and Iran are two brother countries, and we have anti-imperialist ideas and stand together against imperialism.

Stating that the two countries could establish a friendship house, the ambassador added: "There are many common points between Tabriz and the cities of Bolivia, so they should expand their connections."

Romina Perez condemned the west's role in supporting rioters as apparent interference in Iran's internal affairs.

The mayor of Tabriz, in his turn, called the sisterhood between Lapaz and Tabriz and said: We can expand our relations in the cultural fields.

Yaghoub Hoshyar also stated that in the next ten years, we would see the definitive defeat of imperialism and Zionism, adding: A common front established by the people against Zionists and Western imperialists is critical, Zionist thinking is barbaric and does not respect any religion, nationality, or language.


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