Tehran (IP)- Iranian police announced that they had dismantled arms and drug smuggling gangs in Isfahan and Khuzestan provinces in separate operations.

Iran PressIran news: Drug trafficking represents a significant challenge for the Islamic Republic of Iran. The geographical location of the country, particularly its porous 1,923 km-long Eastern border with Afghanistan - the world's largest illicit opium producer - and Pakistan, has turned it into a significant transit country for illegal drugs. 

The Islamic Republic of Iran reportedly spends millions of dollars annually on border control, including constructing expensive barriers along its borders with Afghanistan and Pakistan. More than 3,700 national law enforcement officials have been killed, and over 12,000 have been maimed in counter-narcotics operations over the last three decades.

According to the police commander of Khuzestan province, the Iranian police forces had identified, arrested, and dismantled the arms smuggling gang after identifying and monitoring them.

Iran's police dismantle 12 drug smuggling bands

He highlighted that during the operation, the Iranian police forces had arrested two leading members of the gang and confiscated a heavy shipment of weapons, including 138 handguns, one SKS, and one hunting rifle. 

Meanwhile, the police commander of Isfahan province stated that following the intelligence activities, the anti-narcotics police forces had identified and busted 1,400 kilograms of illicit drugs during two separate operations in less than 24 hours. 

He pointed out that anti-narcotics police forces had seized a truck and confiscated one ton of opium under the vehicle's load.

Mir-Heidari further explained that while controlling and inspecting passing vehicles, two other cars had been confiscated, and 400 kilograms of opium had been seized during the inspection.

He also announced that five drug traffickers had been detained during the operations. 


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