Tehran (IP) - The head of Iran's Department of Environment (DOE) said economic terrorism in the form of oppressive sanctions had prevented Iran from gaining access to environmental technologies and benefiting from the financial capacity of international treaties.

Iran PressIran News: "Iran is ready to participate in climate change issues," Ali Salajegheh, head of Iran's Environment Department,  said while criticizing the colonial approaches of some governments at the 26th UN Climate Change conference in Glasgow, Scotland, on Tuesday.

He added: “Iran is ready to cooperate in climate change issues at all levels, provided that the other parties also fulfill their obligations.”

Salajegheh noted: “The Islamic Republic of Iran has announced in all international meetings that it is very careful in implementing plans to deal with climate change.”

"Climate change is a global challenge with serious consequences for the countries of the world, and if the conditions for action against global warming and climate change are not provided, the countries will have to pay more for climate change," he said.

The 26th UN Climate conference kicked off on Sunday (October 7) in Glasgow, Scotland, with leaders and representatives from 200 countries in attendance.

The meeting was postponed for a year due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.


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