The President of the United States on Monday, on the sidelines of the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow, apologized for the withdrawal of the Trump administration from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Iran PressEurope:  The US President Joe Biden on Monday apologized for the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris climate accord, saying doing so set the world back in the fight against climate change.

“I guess I shouldn’t apologize, but I do apologize for the fact the United States in the last administration pulled out of the Paris accords and put us sort of behind the eight ball a little bit,” Biden said during a session on “action and solidarity” at the United Nations climate conference in Glasgow. 

Biden, who rejoined the Paris climate deal upon taking office in January, said that the US was committed to meeting its goals to lower greenhouse gas emissions as he pleaded with other major economies to do their part. 

Earlier this year, Biden pledged to slash U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2023. In timing with the summit, the White House outlined a long-term strategy to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. 

In 2017, former US President Trump announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement; This measure was officially implemented on November 4, 2020.

Trump's move was widely criticized by the international community at the time. 219