Afghanistan Defense Minister:

Kabul (IP): The Defense Minister of Afghanistan said that the people in Kabul should not worry about their security.

Iran PressAsia: The Defense Minister of Afghanistan General Bismillah Mohammadi stressed on Sunday that Afghan security forces were committed to securing Kabul and that international forces were cooperating with Afghan forces.

He also said that talks in Doha, Qatar, to set up a new government would begin on Monday 16 Aug. and that Kabul's security would be guaranteed until an agreement was reached.

The Minister of Interior Affairs of Afghanistan Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal also said the Taliban would not attack Kabul and that peaceful transfer of power would take place.

"The people of Kabul should not worry about their security. The capital of Afghanistan is safe and there are no problems," Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal said in a message to Kabul residents on Sunday.

"The Taliban will not take military action against Kabul," Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban's spokesman in Afghanistan, told Iran Press on Sunday.

The Taliban also said in a statement that their forces would not enter Kabul by force and that talks were underway to enter Kabul peacefully.


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