Israeli forces attacked Palestinians protesting the takeover of a water spring in the Ain al-Hilweh area in the northern Jordan Valley by Israeli settlers, injuring some and arresting one.

Iran PressMiddle East: The head of the Wall and Settlements Resistance Commission Walid Assaf said the Israeli forces on Tuesday assaulted the participants in the protest called for by his commission and other forces, beating some and spraying others with pepper, and arresting one Palestinian.

The Red Crescent said it treated four people after they were sprayed with pepper in the face.

The protest was called for after settlers began building structures around the water spring,  preventing local shepherds from using the water for their sheep as they have been doing for decades.

The Zionist settlers first fenced the spring then planted trees around it in order to turn it into a settlers-only park while preventing the Palestinian shepherds, who live in the area, from reaching it.

Assaf, who was also sprayed with pepper in the face and required treatment, stressed that they will continue to resist the settlers' takeover of the spring until they force them to leave it.