Iran's Razi COVID vaccine test results promising

Tehran (IP) - Studies show that the Iranian COVID vaccine "Razi COVOPars" has not had any side effects or dangers.

Iran Press/Iran News: Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute's Deputy Head for Research and Technology said in the piloting vaccination, 120 and 42 volunteers received respectively the first and second doses of the Iran-made COVOPars vaccine until April 5.  

Mohammad Hossein Fallah said it was expected that the results of the first phase of the human test in May would be submitted to the Food and Drug Administration and the research ethics committee, and after the issuance of a license by the organization, the second phase would begin.

"In terms of vaccine safety, those who received the vaccine have not had any problems so far, and the situation is progressing well. The vaccine is one of the safest platforms in the world because the vaccine receivers have no side effects so far," Fallah added.


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