Baghdad (IP) - The head of the Coalition for the Rule of Law in the Iraqi parliament stressed that his country did not need the presence of American troops.

Iran Press/Middle East: US forces pose a threat to Iraqis, including Kurdish and Sunni citizens, said Nouri al-Maliki, head of the Coalition for the Rule of Law in the Iraqi parliament.

Al-Fatah coalition spokesman Abbas al-Zamili also said that any agreement on US and NATO forces in Iraq was void and illegal unless the country's parliament agreed to it.

Al-Zamili added that there was a concern that many US troops in the form of NATO would enter the country and that there would be a resumption of the US military presence in Iraq.

Jens Stoltenberg, secretary-general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), said last Thursday that the organization was seeking to increase its forces in Iraq.

The new US administration has recently announced that it was considering a plan to withdraw its troops from Iraq.


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