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Tehran (IP) - Iranian Government spokesman said that from the beginning of the Trump administration, we had warned about the consequences of the Trump regime's lawlessness and unilateralism, saying that the cost of silence and sometimes Trump's critics inside the United States with his anti-Iranian policies eventually plagued Americans in their own country.

Iran PressIran news: Ali Rabiee, in a press conference held online on Tuesday, referring to the recent events in the United States and the attack on the US Congress, noted: "These issues, of course, with all aspects, are the US domestic issues that we are interested in focusing on but what is important to us are the warnings that we have always given from the beginning of the Trump administration about the consequences of breaking the law and unilateralism of the Trump regime, and we have repeatedly said that the policy of bullying will not be limited to the Iranian people."

"The cost of silence and sometimes the association of Trump critics inside the United States with his anti-Iranian policies has finally plagued Americans in their own country," said the official.

He added: "In the last four years, this great evil has put a lot of pressure on the Iranian nation and affected the normal life of the people, upset the balance of life in society. Trump loudly declared that it would affect Iranian life to such an extent that it would provoke an uprising in society, and he spoke of the fall of Iran in three months and a year.

Rabiee noted: "Unfortunately, in the last four years, some people in our own country did not want and still do not want to speak properly about this unprecedented machination and its destructive role, and subconsciously ignore the oppression of the Iranian people to the extent that, they consider the little contribution of this international insurgency in the suffering of the Iranian people. Meanwhile, the government has gone through a difficult path to create conditions for resistance and to ward off the evil of Trump's belligerence and to maintain the livelihood and health of the people, so much so that during the Corona era, even the US administration and the treasury had made many problems for Iran buying medicine and vaccines.

The government spokesman said: "The real defeat of Western policy did not happen in the US election, but on the day when the Trump regime was left alone in the evils against Iran at the UN and experienced three disastrous defeats in the international courts and was convicted in the face of the Iranian government.

Emphasizing that in these four years, it was the government's economic and political management that led to the defeat of Trump's oppressive sanctions against the Iranian people, he said: "The suffering and patient people of Iran will never forget these oppressive sanctions and the evils they committed against Iran."

Rabiee expressed hope that the result of the people's resistance to push back the oppressive sanctions would be well achieved soon.

Referring to yesterday's meeting of the Supreme Economic Coordination Council, the government spokesman said: "In this first meeting, the next Iranian budget bill and the initial discussions of the Joint Commission and some of the proposed changes were discussed."


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