The former director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency on Monday condemned the campaign of maximum US pressure against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran Press/ Europe:In an interview with International magazine, Mohammad ElBaradei stressed that US maximum pressure on Iran does not work and that Washington should build is trust with Iran instead of putting pressure on Tehran.

Following its illegal withdrawal from the UN Security Council (May 8, 2018), the United States has launched a comprehensive campaign to put pressure on Iran.

Washington has stated that the goal of the "maximum pressure campaign" against Iran is to reach a new agreement with Tehran that addresses all US concerns.

Trump administration officials are constantly pushing for new negotiations and agreements with Iran after Washington illegally withdrew from the JCPOA  in 2018, which had been negotiated for several years, and announced at the return of nuclear sanctions.

The move by President Donald Trump's administration has drawn widespread domestic and international condemnation.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, as a key member of the Resistance Front, has a key role to play in countering US-Zionist conspiracies and actions in the region.


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