The military spokesman of the Ezzeddin al-Qassam Brigades emphasizing that Iran's retaliatory attack on Israel disrupted the enemy's calculations, said that the Zionist regime dignity in the Al-Aqsa storm operation was shattered in just 60 minutes.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Abu Obeida, the military spokesman of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades (the military branch of the Hamas movement), released a video message on Tuesday, on the occasion of the 200th day since the start of the Al-Aqsa storm operation.

Abu Obeida pointed out that Israel did not gain anything after the Al-Aqsa storm operation except disgrace and shame. He said 200 days have passed and the Israeli army is still stuck in the Gaza swamp and is only killing and destroying more.

He continued by stating that there is no horizon for Israel to release its prisoners, adding that resistance continues firmly in Gaza. Our attacks on the enemy will continue and will take a new form.

Al-Qassam spokesman dismissed Israel's claim regarding the destruction of the Palestinian resistance. He said: "The enemy is trying to create this illusion for the world that all resistance groups have been destroyed, but this is a big lie."

Abu Obeida stated that Israel's only achievement was mass killings and destruction. The Israeli forces are only focused on killing children and civilians and digging up graves.

He went on to say: "However, we will not back down from the basic rights of our people, which include the expulsion of the Israeli forces, the lifting of the Gaza siege, and the return of the refugees."

Emphasizing that the Palestinian resistance crushed Israel's dignity within 60 minutes in the Al-Aqsa flood operation, he noted: "The Israeli enemy has not been able to achieve anything in 200 days."

While appreciating the attacks of the resistance forces of Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen on the positions of the Zionist regime, Al-Qassam spokesman said: "The scope of the Islamic Republic of Iran's retaliatory attack on Israel set new rules and disrupted the enemy's calculations significantly." 219

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