Thailand (IP) - In the 2024 Asian Futsal Nations Cup, Iran's national team carved a hard-earned victory against Bahrain, propelling them into the much-anticipated quarterfinals. This match, a riveting display of skill and perseverance, unfolded on Saturday evening.

Iran Press/Asia: Iran faced Bahrain in what became a pulsating encounter of attack and counter-attack. From the outset, Iran dominated possession and territory but found themselves momentarily stunned when Bahrain, against the run of play, struck first at the 12-minute mark. This early setback, however, barely hindered the Iranian resolve. In a swift response, Ali Rafieipour netted an equalizer, symbolizing the resilience and quick recovery of Vahid Shamsaei's squad.

As the game progressed, the dynamic of the match resembled a dramatic tug-of-war. Bahrain, resilient and opportunistic, managed to edge ahead once more. This lead, however, was also short-lived as Iran's Mehdi Karimi, with an unwavering spirit, equalized in the second half. The Iranian team, bolstered by this resurgence, then intensified their assault on the Bahraini goal.

In the closing minutes, a flurry of goals from both teams heightened the tension. Saeed Ahmad Abbasi's strike for Iran was quickly neutralized by Bahrain, but the Iranian spirit was undeterred. Behrouz Azimi’s potent shot reclaimed the lead for Iran, setting the stage for Ahmad Abbasi to again capitalize on Bahraini errors, sealing a 5-3 victory.

Iran’s coach, Shamsaei, showcased tactical acumen, especially when faced with Bahrain’s late game power play—an attempt to overload the attack that Iran cleverly neutralized.

With this victory, Iran has not only amassed six points but also a surge of momentum as they head into their next match against Kuwait. Positioned at the top of Group D, the team looks forward to not just advancing in the tournament but also securing a spot at the upcoming Uzbekistan World Cup, reserved for the top four teams.