Arab world analyst:

Abdel Bari Atwan, an analyst of Arab world issues, on Monday night, considered the Israeli claim about an imminent attack on Iran's soil to be merely psychological warfare by the Zionist media apparatus.

Iran PressIran news: In his new video message, Abdel Bari Atwan once again praised Iran's military response to the Zionist regime, calling the military power of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps against the enemies of Iran historic revealing the aftershocks of this operation in the Zionist circles in the occupied territories.

The editor of Rai Alyoum newspaper considered the Zionist regime to be a disintegrated regime against Iran as a powerful and influential country in the region, and the most important event of Iran's recent military confrontation against the Zionist regime was a confrontation without Tehran's use of the regional arms of the resistance axis.

Atwan added: "Iran's operation on Saturday night proved that the Israeli regime never can defend itself against Iranian ballistic missiles and drones without using its allies, including the United States, France, and the UK, in Jordan's airspace."

Referring to the Jordanian government's betrayal of the Palestinian cause and collaboration with the Israeli regime and its allies in trying to intercept Iran's missiles and drones, this Arab world analyst pointed to the existence of 16 military bases of Israel's allies, including the United States, France, and the UK, in Jordan to counter the Iranian missiles. 

Regarding the destructive power of the explosive warheads of Iranian missiles in hitting the targets of the Israeli regime, Atwan said: "If the residents of Israel see the recorded videos of the destructive power and the amount of destruction caused by Iranian missiles inflicted upon the two air bases in Nevatim and another in the Negev desert, 4 million settlers; this means that half of Israel's residents would take refuge in shelters."

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) launched a retaliatory strike on multiple locations in Israel in response to an Israeli terrorist attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria on 1 April 2024.

In IRGC's "True Promise Operation, it is announced, "In response to the numerous crimes of the evil Zionist regime, including the attack on the consular section of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus and the martyrdom of Iranian military commanders and advisors, in the early hours of the Sunday morning, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' Aerospace Force together with other IRGC forces, as part of the punishment of that illegitimate and criminal regime, successfully hit targets inside the occupied territories with dozens of missiles and drones. " 219

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