Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi, the chief spokesman of the Iranian armed forces, stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran has proven that it is not a belligerent country and does not seek to expand the war; however, in response to any aggression, Iran will cut the foot of any aggressor.

 Iran PressIran news: A senior Iranian military spokesman warned on Monday night that Iran will “cut the foot of any aggressor” that launches an attack on Iranian territory, warning the US, the UK, France and Germany to stop supporting the Zionist regime of Israel.

Reacting to support by certain Western leaders to the Israeli regime, Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi said, “We remind the heads of state of the United States, the UK, France and Germany to stop supporting the declining, evil, law-breaking, terrorist and child-killing regime of Israel.”

The chief spokesman of the Iranian armed forces emphasized: "We have shown you a part of this divine power of the brave and powerful men of Islamic Iran in the operation of True Promise."

He added: "With the roar of missiles and drones, we passed through Israeli advanced radar, air defense systems and the so-called iron dome donated to the Zionists by Western countries, in this way, we plowed the military fortresses of that fake and criminal regime."

He said: "We recommend that instead of condemning the legitimate and legal actions of Islamic Iran, do not support the illegitimate, stupid and terrorist Israeli regime and do not throw yourself into the burning oven." 219

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