Ways to boost Iran-Afghanistan ties on the agenda

Zahedan (IP) - A delegation from Afghanistan met with the governor-general of Sistan and Baluchestan (southeast of Iran) with the aim of removing trade barriers and strengthening economic ties.

Iran Press/Asia: Ahmad Ali Mouhebati, the governor-general of Sistan and Baluchestan province of Iran, during a meeting with a delegation from Afghanistan in Zahedan on Monday, referring to Chabahar's potential and its economic benefit for Afghanistan, noted: "The necessary infrastructure is available for Afghan investors in Chabahar".

Mouhebati also pointed out to trade from the Milak border, adding: "Iran expects Afghanistan to prevent smuggling on this border and to have the necessary cooperation to strengthen trade through this border."

The governor-general of Sistan and Baluchestan also stressed the need to establish an Afghan consulate in Zabul and a joint monetary fund.

Mohammad Ibrahim Ghashtali, a member of the Economic Commission of the Afghan Parliament, also stated the commonalities between the two countries and said: "The Supreme Economic Council of Afghanistan will be pursuing continuity of trade in the Milak border so that nothing could hinder exports and imports from this border."

"There are problems on the Dogharoon border that the Afghan Supreme Council is elaborating on resolving," said Mohammad Ebrahim Popel, deputy chief executive on parliamentary affairs and adviser to the president of Afghanistan.


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