Iran sues South Korea over blocked resources

Tehran (IP) - Hossein Tanhaei, head of Iran-South Korea Chamber of Commerce, said that there had been various talks about the amount of Iranian money blocked in South Korea, indicating that between $ 6 billion and $ 9 billion of Iranian money had not been released in Korea, but that figure we emphasize is $ 8.5 billion.

 Iran Press/Iran news: Koreans, meanwhile, have been adamant that the case should not be sued, and have offered medical supplies to improve relations between the two countries.

Regarding economic relations between the two countries, Hossein Tanhaei said: "Currently, there is no significant economic relationship between the two countries and it can be said that the economic, trade relations between Iran and Korea have come to a halt."

Hussein Tanhaei noted: "We have practically no contact with the Koreans and only a few small Korean private sector companies remain in the pharmaceutical sector."

The head of Iran-South Korea Chamber of Commerce emphasized: "With all these conditions, it is natural and logical that we want to pursue the complaint."


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