In a phone call to the Head of the Palestinian National Authority, the Head of Hamas Political Bureau stressed taking a single position against the US-Israeli-cooked "Deal of the Century" and the occupation of the West Bank.

Iran Press/Middle East: In the phone call, Ismail Haniya and Mahmoud Abbas stressed the need for continued convergent efforts between Hamas and Fatah movements in order to achieve a real unity with the participation of all Palestinian groups.

They stressed that the national unity will lead to a consensus on developing national plans and a single leadership in the framework of the Palestine Liberation Organization to get unity against the Israeli regime and its plots.

Hamas Spokesman Hazim Qasim also pointed to a national conference to be held in Gaza Strip and called it a message to the world saying the Palestinian nation is united against the plans that target the Palestinian cause.   Qasim stated that other joint actions should be taken at the Palestinian national level and that Hamas will continue to implement its strategy which aimed at strengthening joint national activity and synergizing the efforts of Palestinian groups to counter the colonial plan of annexation.  

The Fatah and Hamas movements recently announced that they agreed to hold a joint conference in the Gaza Strip, which rejects the occupation plans of the United States and the Israeli regime.


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