Tehran (IP) - Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, while appreciating the efforts of the Secretary General of the Association of Unity in organizing the Unity Conference, considered the conference to be the flagship of Unity and Unity in the Islamic world.

Iran PressIran news:  The Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country stated: According to scientific indicators, the international world order is changing and in the change and evolution of the world order, the US as a superpower that has been striving for unilateralism for decades, still has characteristics of the hegemon, but is not able to apply it.

Explaining the global situation, he added: Today, the world is in a sharp historical turn, which has multiplied the mission of scholars and thinkers all over the world.

Amir Abdollahian emphasized that we have entered a new scene of developments in the region and the world, and today the understanding is being strengthened that if we do not think about our security, others will not help.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs noted: Today, we are witnessing the return of Iran-Saudi relations, our goal is to have deep and broad relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, looking at the interests of the Islamic world, with the aim of disappointing the enemy and blocking the way to normalize relations.

Amir Abdollahian further stated: We welcome the new page of relations with Islamic countries, but we believe that in agreements with Muslim countries, we should proceed on the basis of protecting the interests of Palestine and considering the Zionist regime as illegitimate.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country also pointed to the improving relations between Iran and Egypt and said: We have met the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt and we have made good agreements, and we hope to see a good development for the benefit of the two nations.


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