(IP)- Islamic Republic of Iran Army will hold a comprehensive joint drone exercise in early fall.

Iran PressIran news: Early in the Spring, some strategic types of drones such as Ababil 5 and Ababil 4, Arash, and Homa, sea-based and vertical drones with different missions of reconnaissance, destruction, combat reconnaissance, anti-radar, and roaming were deployed to Iran's Army, according to Iran Press. 

Kaman 12 is one of the homegrown UAVs, which is designed and manufactured by the Air Force.

Karar, Ababil, Kian, and Arash homegrown UAVs are cooperatively manufactured between the Air Force and the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics.

The Iranian navy uses UAVs to detect surface and sub-surface units and destroy sub-surface units.

The Navy enjoys the Homa surveillance drone.

The Mohajer 6 UAV, equipped with an electronic warfare system, has been handed over to the army's operational unit.

The so-called drone has enabled the Army to operate and support electronic warfare against the enemy's communication networks.


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