Palestine (IP) – Following the clashes between the Eritrean settlers in southern Tel Aviv, 10 settlers were injured.

Iran PressWest Asia:  Clashes have spread in the streets of Tel Aviv during the last two months, between refugees who oppose the Israeli regime and its supporters, threatening the south of Tel Aviv.

The clashes and riots between the Eritrean settlers have turned into a civil war in the area, such that in the Hatikva quarter in the south of Tel Aviv 10 settlers were wounded.

Representatives of the Eritrean group in the Israeli-occupied territories have warned that threats are increasing day after day.

They say intimidation and physical violence by the supporters of the Israeli regime is organized and systematic which is brutally practiced against the people as they return from work or on the way to work, such that an Eritrean refugee said their women are unable to accompany their children in the streets due to the violence of the regime's supporters.

Three weeks ago, a severe clash happened between the Israeli forces and the Eritrean asylum-seekers in the southern part of Tel Aviv which left 100 wounded.


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