Moscow (IP) - Iranian President's Special Envoy for Afghanistan's affairs said that the Americans continue their mischief in Afghanistan and seek to cause concern and worry for the countries of the region, including Afghanistan's neighbors.

Iran PressEurope: Hassan Kazemi Qomi, at the end of the meeting of Afghanistan's neighbors in the city of Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, on Saturday night, considered the formation of a contact group by Afghanistan's neighboring countries as the most important achievement of this meeting and said that although more than two years have passed since the Americans fled Afghanistan, this country continues its mischief in Afghanistan.

Iranian President's Special Envoy for Afghanistan's affairs pointed out and emphasized the continued support of the United States to terrorism and ISIS, Washington is seeking to establish a base in some of Afghanistan's neighboring countries by intensifying the instability and insecurity of Afghanistan.

Kazemi Qomi said that Afghanistan's neighboring countries reached the conclusion at the Kazan meeting that they should change the conditions in Afghanistan within the framework of collective movement and regional initiative while cooperating with the rulers of Kabul.

The Iranian ambassador to Afghanistan pointed out and emphasized the relative improvement of the security situation and the prohibition of drug cultivation in Afghanistan, but the arrival of Afghan immigrants to neighboring countries is still increasing and drug trafficking continues.

Iranian President's Special Envoy for Afghanistan's affairs on Afghanistan also stated that the countries participating in the meeting of Afghanistan's neighbors, hosted by Russia in Kazan, agreed that to improve the political, security and economic situation of Afghanistan, it is necessary to form a government that is trusted by the people and accountable.


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