The Prime Minister of Israel, in his latest rhetoric against the Islamic Republic of Iran, said on Friday "Iran must face a credible nuclear threat" but his office immediately issued an amendment to announce that he had blundered, speaking clumsily.

Iran PressAmerica: Addressing the General Assembly in New York, Benjamin Netanyahu said that "above all -- above all -- Iran must face a credible nuclear threat."

"As long as I'm prime minister of Israel, I will do everything in my power to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons," he added, despite the Zionist regime's possessing an undeclared nuclear program.

As of January, "the Zionist entity" was believed to possess a stockpile of around 90 nuclear warheads, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Later, the Bibi's office claimed he had misread his speech and meant "credible military threat" instead of "credible nuclear threat."

"It was misread as a credible nuclear threat. The prime minister stands by the original text of the speech," Netanyahu's office alleged.

As Bibi repeats his baseless accusation that "Iran is seeking nuclear weapons", the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has admitted that Iran is not seeking nuclear weapons.

Most of the political experts have no doubt that Netanyahu's purpose of such rhetoric is to cover up his government's political crises and failures.

Since his cabinet unveiled a package of reforms to the judicial system in January, tens of thousands of opponents have joined weekly demonstrations in what has turned out to be one of the biggest protest movements in the Zionist regime's history.

The movement's epicenter has been the commercial hub of Tel Aviv, where protesters have rallied every weekend against Bibi.