Tehran (IP)- The UAVs of the Mohajer family are among the most popular examples of unmanned aerial vehicles made in Iran, which have been used since the time of holy defense until today.

Iran PressIran News: Iran's UAV industry received a promising boost with the successful launch of the Mohajer UAV. Currently, a significant portion of the armed forces UAV fleet is comprised of the latest Mohajer series products.

These drones have been used in different models in different roles from reconnaissance to air base attack and even mapping missions.

The first type of the Mohajer UAV, which was first developed during the eight-year war with Iraq in the 1980s war was the Mohajer 2(M2N ).

The M2N UAV was unveiled for the first time in September 2014 and was used in early January 2015 in a military drill.

The Mohajer 4 is a drone that belongs to the Mohajer series. The previous model, Mohajer 4 UAV, was highly utilized in reconnaissance missions for several years and was one of the most commonly used unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Mohajer 4 UAV is a specialized aircraft that can detect targets up to 150 kilometers away. It has been designed specifically for aerial surveillance. The Mohajer 2 and Mohajer 4 UAV models can be launched through ground launchers and retrieved using parachutes or squads.

The next type of UAV is the Mohajer 6, which is a tactical and combat drone. This UAV, which is designed for various military and civilian missions, is capable of being used in all kinds of border patrol, coastal patrol, environmental monitoring, etc. missions. Mohajer 6 is a combat-reconnaissance drone with an operational range of 2000 km.

The Mohajer 6 UAV uses smart and vertical point bombs, which are in two types of optical and thermal seekers and can carry 2 to 4 vertical bombs. In addition, a new member has been added to the family of Iran's 2000 km drones, which will increase the variety of drone products and, as a result, increase the combat power of the armed forces.


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