(IP)- Iran's Deputy Minister of Health and Medical Education announced that Iran has earned $1 billion in foreign currency from health tourism.

Iran PressIran News: Iranian scientists and specialists in the medical sector have experienced remarkable successes in recent years.

Iran's high quality of medical services has significantly attracted health tourists from neighboring countries. 

Saeed Karimi, Iran's Deputy Minister of Health, stated on Monday that Iran is one of the leading countries in the region with advanced medical knowledge. 

Karimi stated that patients are no longer sent abroad for treatment, yet Iran welcomes millions of foreign patients yearly.

Karimi pointed out that hospitals have an occupancy rate of 70%, with 30% of their capacity allocated to health tourism. With 155,000 hospital beds, patients receive top-quality health service from skilled staff.

He listed experienced medical personnel, lower medical tariffs, and high-quality services as persuasive points for health tourists.  


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