A member of the Iraqi parliament says that the United States has been accused of contributing to the electricity crisis in the country.

Iran Press/Middle East: Hussein Al-Sabri highlighted the actions of the US as one of the reasons behind the worsening crisis.

Al-Sabri expressed his concern over the impact of the crisis on Iraqi citizens, stating that it has caused despair among them. The interruption of electricity for 2 to 4 hours per day is deemed unacceptable.

Furthermore, Al-Sabri criticized the government's meetings with German company Siemens and American company General Electric, stating that despite these discussions, there has been no improvement in the electricity crisis.

He emphasized that multiple factors contributed to this Iraq crisis, not all internal. The involvement of foreign companies and non-payment of Iraq's debts to Iran due to the US sanctions have exacerbated the situation.

On Sunday evening, Almaalomah reported that Mohammed Al-Shammari, a Government of Law coalition representative, criticized US policies against Iraq and accused them of attempting to undermine the government.

In response to these developments, the coordination framework coalition has urged the government to negotiate with Washington to resolve Iraq's debts to Iran.


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