Tehran (IP) - 'Parade of Service' is a manifestation of the actions of the Army in serving the people throughout the country, the spokesman of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Army told Iran Press.

Iran PressIran News: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, the spokesman of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Army Brigadier General Shahin Taghi-Khani said regarding the purpose and importance of the 'Parade of Service': "The Parade is a manifestation of the actions of the Army in the continuation of serving people in Tehran and throughout the country."

"With this parade, we are to remind our honorable people that we are still serving the people and by God grace and the efforts of the people, the armed forces, the government, the Ministry of Health and medical staff, we will defeat Corona," Shahin Taghikhani added.

He pointed out that simultaneous with Tehran, 'Parade of Service' is underway in 33 cities of our country in order to provide more services to the honorable people in the cities, villages and different places.

The 'Parade of Service' was conducted on the occasion of the Islamic Republic of Iran's ‘Army Day’ in Tehran and across Iran on Friday morning with the slogan ‘Defenders of Homeland and Assistants of Health’.

The aim of the parade is to fight the COVID-19 outbreak which has brought many social, economic and health challenges to the whole world. 

During the March some COVID-19 combating equipment unveiled and put on public display.

April 17 in the Iranian calendar has been named as the national day of the Army.


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